Carmijn Dura

Visionary Storyteller

5 connections
Bloom Love story Summer Shoes

Cheyenn Pinas

Freelance Illustrator / Designer

0 connections

Bart de Rooy

interior architect / retail, hospitality and residences

0 connections
Modern minimalistic architecture Harkema Staete Tzumarrum penitentiary Blokhuispoort Leeuwarden the Netherlands

Iris Pontoni Wachowicz

Freelance Animator, illustrator and visual storyteller

1 connections
Meditation Free work Animal Introduction

Tara Keogh

Illustrator + Visual Artist + Graphic designer

19 connections
Nocturnal Cravings New Year Wishes Match

Deniz Acar

Visual Communication Designer

0 connections

puck huizenga

fashion designer, support for design and production teams

0 connections

Charlotte Slegers

Freelance Brand Designer + Illustrator

6 connections
HOMME — Branding The Travelling Doll Poster design/Illustration

Iris IJsvelt

Graphic Design / Illustration

16 connections
Illustrations Illustrations Event Identity
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